A Caregiver’s Insight

“You, too, will get there someday!”

“You are too young to worry much about what future holds, my dear. You still have a long way to go!” These were my mother’s famous words to me.Learning that my parents are getting past their senior years, and their children live thousands of miles away, makes the situation more difficult to show them how much we truly appreciate and love them. Nevertheless, the old saying, “You too will get old someday”, is now becoming more meaningful to me as I get wiser and older each year. We all have our own little ways of showing how grateful we are to our parents. Hence, may we all remember to cherish our parents, not only during the holidays, or when we are going through tough times. Let us show them that we are their greatest joy and achievement in life.
While they are still around, let us not forget to remember our parents as they embrace their old age. Besides, we, too, will get there someday! -Joy Bagunu

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