A message from the Alameda County Veterans Service Office – Health Care for Combat Veterans

Did you know, ALL combat Veterans discharged from active duty on or after Jan. 28, 2003, are eligible for medical care, five years post discharge?  This means any Veteran who served in “a theater of combat operations” may be eligible for complete health care coverage for five years after departing the service.


To determine eligibility, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has a web site http://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/resources/eligibility_check.asp.  If eligible, enrollment can be completed on-line, in-person, by phone or mail. https://www.1010ez.med.va.gov/


A word of caution, like any government program – there are nuances.  For example, generally this program does not apply to family members but might in limited instances (for example; caregivers).


However, if a Veteran only requires medical coverage for themselves and no other family member, for that time period (five years), the purchase of additional health insurance or coverage may not be necessary.  This can be a powerful savings for both the Veteran and/or an employer.


The VHA website provides information on comprehensive Health Benefits and includes a link to their fully developed Veterans Health Benefits Guide. http://www.va.gov/healthbenefits/resources/epublications.asp#hbguide.  Please help us spread the word to deserving Veterans.  For more information, call 1-877-222-VETS (8387), 8 AM -8 PM EST, Monday – Friday.



Curtis L. Coy
Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity
Veterans Benefits Administration
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
1800 G Street, NW, Suite 510 – Mail Stop 20E
Washington, DC 20420

VA Core Values:  Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence (“I CARE”)

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