Client Testimonials

Here are some kind words about our high level of caring service from our clients

“From the start, ADG was prompt in response to my inquiry, patient as I shared (too many) details about what my grandmother was looking for in a caregiver, guided me in additional aspects to consider, and put my nerves at ease with your confidence and efficiency.

We spoke on a Monday evening and ADG had two people to interview lined up the next day! When we had to change interview days, ADG maintained a patient, open-mind, and made the change happen seamlessly.

When a third change was requested, ADG still responded with grace and understanding. This level of professionalism when we hadn’t even met was above and beyond customer service! Thank you so much for all your wonderful help. My grandma is really happy with both caregivers which is such a relief for us. You and your agency are the best we’ve seen!”

~Betsy B., San Francisco

“About a year ago our mother became suddenly very ill. She never fully recovered but was okay. She had suffered several set backs and it became clear that she would be in need of full time care. We had been trying to do it ourselves but ultimately it became too difficult. Although our mom can be alone at times we needed the peace of mind to know she was not alone and would be cared for when we couldn’t be there. Our main concern was that we could trust and depend on someone who cared and would be kind to our mother. We tried several agencies and caregivers and ultimately found we were consistently able to rely on ADG. They have provided reliable and awesome care givers who are kind and who treat our mother very well and take care of her in a way that we feel we would do ourselves. We are all very happy and feel so blessed to have been able to find such caring people to care for our mother and also give us all the peace of mind that we needed.”
~ Nancy N. in Walnut Creek

“I’ve been using ADG for my Mom for some time now and they’ve never disappointed. Every time we’ve needed service, even with short notice, they’ve been able to pull through. The staff were always quick to respond to my emails and calls, which is very much appreciated, as is the good customer service!”

~ Craig L. in Pacheco

“Our family would like to extend our gratitude to ADG and its staff for providing loving and quality of care to our mother for almost two years. The companionship and compassion extended to our mother help to make her last years meaningful.”

~ Vernon K. in Albany

“My main reason for choosing ADG Referral Services is their easy approach, not pushy. The things that really do well for the company are their kindness, honesty, sincerity and most important- CARING AND CONCERN. Don’t change your strategy or approach. Everything is O.K. the way it is!”
~ Mr. Malacarme in Oakland

“ADG really do well in handling last minute changes with our schedule and quick in responding.”

~ Mrs. Mulloy of Walnut Creek

“Impressed with my meeting with Ava. Staff is cheerful, capable & efficient, compassionate. Respond immediately to problems e.g. finding someone at the last minute.”

~ Mrs. Kraus in Walnut Creek

“I have been very pleased with the home-care service provided by your organization. My husband had excellent care daily!”

~ Mrs. Rowe in Piedmont

“I was very happy with your staff members who took care of my mother.”

~ Freeman in Pleasant Hill

“We’ve had ADG Referral Services, Inc. for many years. We love the care we are receiving and would be lost without the help. Our Home-care aide is very much appreciated.”

~  John and Florence in Moraga

“The day two ADG office staff walked into our house carrying a bouquet of balloons and a delicious birthday cake, I’ll never forget! You pulled a great surprise for my 90th birthday! I even was serenaded with the birthday song a candle to blow out accompanied by a big silent wish! Thank you so much for a delightful interlude.”

~ Mr. and Mrs. Rowe in Piedmont

“I know of no other agency that offers such services to prospective clients and to existing clients. I know that you and your staff have developed a plan that has been highly successful in providing services to the home care for elderly, that has made ADG leaders in the Home Care business.”

~ Earle in Lafayette

“I was impressed by your operation. Keep it up!”

~ Daisy in Pleasant Hill

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. provides immediate help arranged in emergencies, they are always on time and contacts you ahead of time which really helps.”

~ Rose in Clayton

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. seems to check in with regularity and tends to any referral issues promptly, if any comes up.”

~ Marilyn in Alamo

“I’m very glad and pleased with your service.”

~ Maria in Oakland

“I was very pleased. Thank you again for providing quality, willing, and pleasant help!”

~ Colleen in Piedmont

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. is very professional. Ready to answer any questions we might have towards my husband’s care. We love ADG Referral Services, Inc. and our Home-care aides equally!”
~ Yvonne and Randi in Albany

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. sent a home-care aide for my wife; this home-care aide is still with my wife 3 years later! Thank you.”

~ John in Concord

“Excellent quality, very professional, and available at all times. I have been kept informed and made aware of situations as they arrive. Dealing with some stressful times with my parents, ADG Referral Services, Inc. has been my savior (along with the home-care aides) and would be pleased to refer services to others. Bless you!”

~ Donna in Concord

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. is great! Their professionalism and quality of service is outstanding.”

~ Laurie in Moraga

“ADG was hired to help my wonderful, independent and rather stubborn 97 year old father during the last weeks of his life. He had never had help before and felt awkward having strangers come into his home. Therefore, he could sometimes be a challenge to work with. The staff of ADG were exceptional. They were all warm, kind, gentle and flexible. They put our father at ease and helped him learn to accept their help. They took him out to lunch and on errands and patiently helped him eat and stay clean and comfortable. The caregivers were all appreciated by the family and our father. When someone needed to change their schedule ADG quickly stepped in and seamlessly found a replacement caretaker. We only needed to let them know when they were needed and they were there!”

~ Sally C. in Walnut Creek

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. has always made sure that a home-care aide is in place, no matter what unforeseen circumstances have occurred. Very high quality and knowledgeable care while allowing mom to stay in the comfort of her home instead of a “FACILITY”.

~ Doug in Concord

“My mother is in the final stages of metastatic colon cancer and requires constant attention. ADG Referral Services, Inc. bends over backward to match home-care aides with those who need care, in order to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible. Every detail, including emergencies, is handled with kindness and professionalism by the agency and our home-care aides. I can’t say enough good things about the company. If it weren’t for the agency, I don’t think I would be getting through this difficult time.”

~ Kristina in Walnut Creek

“ADG Referral Services, Inc. refers courteous, kind person (caregiver) who is “heaven sent”. I can get a good night’s sleep knowing that I will have efficient, friendly help the next day!”
~ Berniece in Piedmont

“The agency is very conscientious and always responds quickly to any concerns. The Home-care Aides are great! I feel very lucky to have found ADG Referral Services, Inc.!”
~ M. M. in Rossmoor-Walnut Creek

“There is no way that I would dissolve our relationship. As for as I am concerned, ADG Referral Services, Inc. provides the best home-care aides and also are affordable!”
~ Eleana in Rossmoor-Walnut Creek

“The Home-care Aide tries to please which really helps. Honest in shopping and errands. Very professional, yet friendly.”

~ Rose in Clayton

“The Home-care aide seems to really care. She knows when to be attentive and when to be in the background.”

~ Marilyn in Alamo

“I really enjoy working with the home-care aide. She is reliable, thoughtful, and kind.”

~ Maria in Oakland

“I was very pleased with the home-care aides you sent me. I appreciated the fact that they seemed professional when they came to work. They helped me a great deal when seeing my hip doctor. Without their help I could not have survived. The shopping and household chores would have been too much for me to handle. They went to the post-office and markets that I could never have managed on my own.”
~ Colleen in Piedmont

“Our Home-Care Aides are working very well with my husband, who has Parkinson’s Disease. They take good care of my husband and are very helpful to me. We are very pleased with ADG Referral Services, Inc.”

~ Yvonne and Randi in Albany

“The Home-Care Aide does our shopping, makes our doctor appointments, drives us to each appointment and lab tests, prepares our meals, does light housework, makes beds, and feeds the birds their food when needed. Thank you!”

~ John and Florence in Moraga

“Home-care Aides you sent me are very experienced and professionals. Also work well with nurses and doctors.”

~ John in Concord

“Excellent Home-Care Aide. Very skilled, dependable, conscientious, etc. I appreciate the home-care aide’s advice and we can talk about situations and solutions. I appreciate everything she does for my Mother and totally confident and comfortable with the Home-Care Aide.”

~ Donna in Concord

“Cheerful and Excellent Home-Care Aides! Keeps excellent records of daily schedules. Together we plan nutritional meals. Has such good suggestions! Takes complete charge of my husband’s care, enabling me to do bookkeeping, shopping, or whatever. Also good (very good) on getting and keeping things organized. I’m so grateful for the Home-Care Aide’s help. Very trustworthy and so understanding. My husband always asks at nightfall; “Is the Home-Care Aide coming tomorrow?” We both appreciate all she does for us. We look forward to each day, knowing that she will be with us and helping us so very much!”

~ Berniece in Piedmont

“Excellent! Home-Care Aides you sent me are very reliable and dependable. Very compassionate, and also very patient.”

~ Laurie in Moraga