Personal Testimonials

Here are some kind words about Ava's dedicatrion in the aging population community:

“Ava is an extremely dedicated service provider and I am proud to know her. She provided services to a client of mine and they could not say enough about the commitment Ava has to her clients. Ava participated in seminars with me and does an excellent job conveying her message. I would highly recommend Ava and ADG Referral Services.”
~ Marty Appel, Holmgren + Associates

“Ava De Guzman and ADG Referral Services, Inc. are the ultimate example of professionalism in the field of in-home health care. Ava’s dedication to training her staff to provide courteous and careful care come through in every way ADG Referral Services, Inc. operates. I highly recommend Ava and her team.”
~ Michael Eastman, Advantis Insurance Services

“I met Ava in 2009. I had a very challenging year with serious health, job and family issues. We quickly become wonderful friends because we had the same core beliefs and values and always spoke with open, honest feelings about so many different topics, especially family and raising kids. There were times when I struggled and Ava was always there with a kind word, advice, a prayer or just a smile. There is a “spirit” to Ava that is very special, and as I like to say to her, she is my personal “caregiver”. We both know that we will be friends for life.”
~ Jeff in Lafayette

“I have known Ava De Guzman for over a year. In that time, each and every time I call her office, I always get a happy voice on the other end. They are always ready to help. Ava has always been a giver. We had only known each other a short time but she is always looking for ways that she can help her clients, network groups, friends and family. For me, being a public speaker, Ava gave me my first opportunity to speak at her Empowering Business Women group. Since then, Ava and her friends have referred me to many other groups. I have been speaking four times a month since then. I have been blessed to know Ava. I can always count on her. ADG has so many resources that when I need help with in home care, she has all the connections.”

~ Daniel Barrera, Public Speaker, Insurance Marketing Director at Pacific Excel Financial

“Ava comes highly recommended by her past clients who find her and her care givers warm and wonderful. Ava takes a hands-on approach to all the families she works with and truly cares!”
~ Dayna Wilson, Keller Williams Realty

“I highly recommend Ava for the way she manages her company with the highest level of professionalism, creativity and resourcefulness. The friends to whom I have recommended her services were very satisfied and gladly refer the company to their friends and family.”
~ Ofelia Lazaro, AT&T

“Thank you for taking the time to comment about my devotion in serving the aging population community. To hear such encouraging words is a tremendous blessing. Sharing your wonderful experience with us will always be cherished!”

~ Ava De Guzman, Founder