Are You Ready for the New Year?

Better ready than sorry! Give a promise of a lifetime. Help ourselves to be happier and healthier, and to stay committed for our own safety.

Top 10 “Seniors” New Year’s Resolution:

  1. Will not wait until a crisis start before asking for help.
  2. Will seek community assistance rather than complete independence or isolation.
  3. Will hire professionals to handle financials, legal matters, and long-term care plans.
  4. Will openly communicate home-care needs and assign effective roles within my family.
  5. Will seek professional help when home-care becomes necessary.
  6. Will make my insurance coverage and policies, such as Long-Term Care, work for me.
  7. Will consider placement should it become necessary when home is no longer safely accessible.
  8. Will give a family caregiver a break!
  9. Embrace aging!
  10. Safety first!
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