Concord Senior Event- Aging Loved Ones Recap

On February 7th of 2011, ADG Referral Services, Inc. hosted a non-profit event entitled “Aging Loved Ones” for seniors and their loved ones. The said event was held at the Concord Senior Center with three   brilliant and knowledgeable speakers who presented informative and educational topics. Dayna Wilson at Keller Williams Realty presented valuable information and statistics on Realty Difficulties, while Laura Malinowski at RG Financial Partners, Inc. educated the audience with her knowledge and proficiency in Finances, and last but not the least, Mr. Ralph Hoffman, a senior citizen, provided the audience with his wit and useful Public Transportation information for seniors and caregivers.

All three different topics were beneficial for seniors and very well received and appreciated by all the guests.  Ava De Guzman, founder and president of ADG Referral Services, Inc., hosted the event and provided free Concord in-home care service information and senior resources for all the guests.

The event was packed with fun entertainment as raffle prizes were given away. Winners happily walked away with valuable gift certificates from restaurants and stores, Caribbean Cruise raffle tickets, cookbooks, free in-home care service coupons, and other non-home care service and product certificates with over $50 value each.

ADG Referral Services, Inc. has also provided a healthy and nutritious brunch for all the guests. Suzette Wong at Diamond Terrace has graciously provided some of the delicious food and has given away convenient senior bags and other free items for all the guests.

Avis Connolly, along with her staff at Concord Senior Center, was a tremendous help and assistance in making this event a huge success. The staff of ADG Referral Services has successfully coordinated and accomplished a worthy event that was very well received, and enjoyed their time with all the guests and sponsors.

The entire room was filled with exquisite people who made the experience truly incredible and remarkable. ADG Referral Services, Inc. has totally rendered enjoyable and useful information for people of all ages.

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