Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADG Referral Services?

ADG Referral Services, Inc. is a “one-stop” resource for all senior home-care needs and professional service referrals. We offer highest level of professional service referrals in all areas of in-home care, from reliable and quality home-care aides such as caregivers and skilled attendants, to trusted and licensed professionals such as accountants, bookkeepers, elder law attorneys, contractors, hairstylist, and the list goes on.

ADG Referral Services is a non-medical home care referral agency or “registry” for seniors who need in-home care service placement. Based on client’s unique and individual home care needs, Senior Care Specialists at ADG Referral Services carefully match registered professional home-care aides who are certified and have been pre-screened prior to placement to provide quality care and exceed client’s expectation.

What does ADG Referral Services specialize in?

ADG Referral Services specializes in providing freedom and peace of mind for the family of seniors who can no longer be safely left alone in the comfort of their home by referring quality and pre-screened registered home-care aides. We maintain a wide range of qualifications and selection of Home-care Aides or Caregivers who are skilled, experienced, highly qualified, and have been pre-screened prior to placement to ensure compatibility with our client’s unique home care needs and requirements. ADG Referral Services ensures low rate and affordability, wiht no minimum hourly requirements.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1255 Treat Blvd, Suite 300, Walnut Creek, CA 94595.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. We can be reached after office hours by calling our main office line at 925-472-6845, and pressing “1” when prompted.

What areas or locations do you cover?

We cover and service the Northern California region, particularly in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Sacramento and the neighboring cities.

Aside from home-care service referrals, what other services do you offer?
ADG Referral Services Inc offers no-cost placement assistance for seniors who need referrals to some of the best and affordable local retirement home communities they can trust such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Resident Care Home.

We also offer free referrals to different service professionals in an effort to guide seniors and their families in choosing services other than home-care. Such service professionals include Long-Term Care Insurance Specialists, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Book-keepers, Reverse Mortgage Specialists, Realtors, Elder Law Attorneys, Geriatric Care Physicians, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, Home Repair Contractors, Photographers, Hairstylists, and many others.

We offer and perform a free home safety inspection to provide recommendations for client’s safety. We help identify difficulties and remedies in every living area in the home, provide information on low-cost or no-cost changes and repairs, and referrals to Minor Home Repair Grants and Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program if requested. Often times we find simple things that can be changed easily to make the home safer.

If concerned about your aging parent’s frequent fall incidents or worried about a loved one’s safety, SafeinHome “Care, when you’re not there” is highly recommended. It is a 24/7 wireless system of sensors for your mom or dad’s home that tracks their movement, activity and routines, and sends this information to your smartphone or computer. Call us at 925-472-6845 for more information.

Why choose in-home care service?

In-home care service allows seniors to make the most of their freedom while remaining in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Families can have reassurance and peace of mind knowing their aging parents and loved ones are being cared for in such manner and routine that accommodates each family’s schedule and requirements.

Care service in the privacy, safety, and comfort of their own home helps maintain their independence while getting the care they need is usually the preferred choice of a lot of families looking into getting help and assistance for their aging loved ones. Agencies offer significant amount of savings and personalized care when compared to nursing home facilities and other retirement communities’ cost of care and quality of service.

How do I arrange for services?

Simply call ADG Referral Services at 925-262-4200. Our friendly senior care specialists are on stand-by and always eager to help! We accommodate any in-home care inquiries including no-cost retirement community placement assistance, free home-safety inspection, and free senior resources. Experience our top-quality service for yourself with these 3-easy steps:

1. Phone Consultation– Starts with a phone call to determine the service you need.
2. A Senior Care Specialist will schedule a free home-care visit to discuss different options available to create a “Care Plan”. (Note: Immediate service or “Same-day Placement” can also be arranged at any time).
3. A Home-Care Aide is carefully chosen to meet your specific needs, or you have the option to interview several until the right match is found. Placement and service will begin.

How do I choose the right agency?

In selecting a home care agency you must verify that the agency is an established business with a valid license to operate, carries insurance, and is bonded. To ensure the quality standard of service, it is always recommended to ask how long the agency has been in business for and how are they different from other agencies in the area including other valued services being offered at little or no-cost.

It is always good to ask the agency if their home-care aides are fully screened prior to placement and what type of screening method is being used for an effective referral. It is also advisable to seek all other options available at little or no cost prior to choosing the right agency that will meet all your requirements.

Can I change or discontinue the service at any time after signing a service agreement?

Yes. We offer flexibility with no-binding contract. You are never bound to a long-term contract should you decide, for any reason, to terminate your service agreement with ADG Referral Services Inc. at any time. Our professional Senior Care Specialists are trained to handle your termination request in a professional and timely manner. They may offer different options as the client’s needs progress, and will work with you to address challenges, if any, in an effort to assure client satisfaction through guaranteed quality of service.

What are your rates?

ADG Referral Services ensures low rate and affordability, and has no minimum hourly requirements.
2013 Standard Rates:(Agency Fee Included)
24-hour Live-in:……………………..$160.00 (Starting Flat Rate)
Hourly (No Minimum Hours):
8-hour or longer service………….$16.00 per hour
4-hour or longer service………….$18.00 per hour
2-hour service…………………………$20.00 per hour
1-hour service…………………………$25.00 per hour
Overnight (10-hour night shift)……$130.00 (Flat Rate)
Live-out (10-hour day shift)………..$150.00 (Flat Rate)

All Inclusive Services
• Assessment and Plan of Care
• Pre-screened Home-care Aides
• Transportation Arrangement
• Regular Client Visitation
• Event Celebration
• Home Safety Inspection
• Retirement Home Placement
• 24/7 Placement Coverage
• On-call/Respite Care
• After Office Hours Service Access
• Same Day Placement

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)Performed by the Home-care Aides
• Personal Care & Daily Living
• Bathing Assistance, Dressing, Hygiene Care
• Incontinence Care, Skin Care
• Assistance In and Out of Bed, Chair and Car
• Assistance in Medication
• Prescription Pick-up, Accompany to Appointments
• Exercise Routine, Dietary Support
• One-on-One Caring Companionship
• Meal Preparation and Cooking
• Laundry, Making Beds
• Light Housekeeping/Home-making, Taking Trash Out
• Grocery Shopping and Running Errands

Based on every client’s unique and specific needs including a budget limit requirement, our experienced Senior Care Specialist will perform a fair assessment to customize the best care plan to exceed client expectations. Several factors help us determine the care and service cost:
• Specific Home-Care Aide skill requirements and preferences
• Level and difficulty of home care service
• Desired number of service hours per week and client location

To discuss rate information in further details, contact our office to set up an in-home assessment so we may discuss all options available and create a Client Care Plan to tailor fit your needs. Once you decide to proceed with the service, your low rate is locked in and will never be increased without any prior agreement and written notice.

Can my son/daughter living in another state be involved or notified about the services provided to me?

With the client or care recipient’s authorization, ADG Referral Services may notify your loved one of any updates regarding the service you’re receiving. We conduct an optional regular visitation assessment to client’s home or by phone to ensure quality of service. Upon your request, we will notify your loved one of any updates on a regular basis.

What if I need immediate help on a weekend or at night – are you available to assist me in case of an emergency?

ADG Referral Services provides a 24-hour/7 days a week service access for our client’s convenience and peace of mind. For any emergency placement requests or changes, simply dial our direct line at 925-262-4200 and listen to prompts to be connected, or simply press “1” for all emergency calls.

What if I would only need a 1-hour or a “one-time” service?

ADG Referral Services has NO minimum hourly or weekly requirements. You decide how many hours or weeks you need the service for.

“On-call” including a “one-time” service is also available should you decide to try us once or request for service only as needed.

Do you place home-care aides for a 24-hour live-in or overnight shift- and what is the difference between the two?

Yes, we maintain a wide range of selection of home-care aides that provide a 24-hour live-in care and overnight shifts.

A 24-hour live-in home-care aide is defined as a home-care aide that stays in a client’s home for a full 24 hour period and sleeps at night. An overnight shift home-care aide stays with the client at night for a period of 10-12 hours.

What is a Support Group?

A support group is a place for people to give and receive both emotional and practical support as well as to exchange information. The support group may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others’ experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks.

ADG Referral Services provides Family Care-Group Support Program that is free and confidential. It is available to help family caregivers and professional caregivers take care of their loved ones. The Care-Group will provide assistance and learning experience in regards to Alzheimer’s care or related disease.