Home Safety Inspection

No home can be “sweet” if it isn’t “safe”. From recent U.S. surveys, falls are a significant health risk among seniors over the age of 65, affecting more people than stroke and heart attacks combined.

At ADG Referral Services Inc, safety is our top priority. We offer and perform a FREE Home Safety Inspection for client recommendations. We help identify difficulties and remedies in every living area in the home, provide information on low-cost or no-cost changes and repairs, and referrals to Minor Home Repair Grants and Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program if requested. Often times we find simple things that can be changed easily to make the home safer.

  • Ensure proper lighting throughout the house both inside and outside
  • Clear unnecessary clutter from any walking areas inside and outside the home
  • Remove loose carpet or rugs that can cause you to trip
  • Place a bed-cane near the bed so you have something sturdy as you rise out of bed or a bed-rail to prevent from falling off the bed at night
  • Use non-slip shower strips in the tub and shower
  • A handybar makes it safer and easier to get in and out of shower and/or a car
  • Install a fold-down grab bar next to the toilet
  • A padded shower bench can give you a place to sit if you feel dizzy while in the shower
  • Use a step stool with a handle to reach in cabinets
  • Keep frequently used items in a drawer or easy to reach area so you don’t need to reach up high to retrieve them
  • Install a “toilevator” to raise your toilet
  • Install handrails at stairways or make sure current handrails aren’t loose or broken
  • Use a “couch-cane” near sofas or chairs to make standing and sitting safer and easier
  • Furniture Risers can increase the height of chairs and sofas and also make sitting and standing easier and safer
  • Riser Recliner Chairs make it easier to stand and sit
  • Have a telephone in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in case you do fall so you can call for help or consider getting a “push-button” alert device you can wear as a necklace or a watch to call for help in case of an emergency