Piedmont Senior Care

ADG Referral Services Inc is a dedicated home-care referral agency serving California seniors for over 10 years. Our registry of qualified and skilled home-care aides is able to service the Northern California Region particularly in the Bay Area.

Piedmont is a small, beautiful city in Alameda County, California. It is surrounded by the city of Oakland. Piedmont was one of “The Best Places to Live in 2007” in CNN Money Magazine’s list. It was developed significantly in the 1920s and 1930s.

The demands in senior home care service in Piedmont have increased due to baby boomers in this area that are living longer into their senior years than previous. Unfortunately, the “quality” of care has changed to “quantity” of care.  The quality of care has significantly declined due to numerous inexperienced and incompetent new home-care providers including direct or self-hired caregivers that have emerged uncontrollably over the past decade for the opportunity to make more profit. They have offered preposterously low rate to lure more inexperienced seniors and to take advantage of the elderly which leads to unreliable and substandard care.

Seniors and family members that have been misinformed due to lack of experience in hiring a professional care provider are experiencing more burden than relief. Hiring a professional and experienced home-care agency such as ADG Referral Services Inc is essential for exceptional quality care service that provides assurance including a wide range of free resources to help seniors live a quality of life at the comfort and safety of their home and familiar surroundings.

ADG Referral Services Inc provides senior and elder home care service referral in the East Bay Area and Alameda County, including Piedmont, Berkeley, Hayward, Castro Valley, Oakland, Albany and other neighboring areas.

To learn more, please call ADG Referral Services Inc at 925-262-4200.