Lafayette Senior Care

ADG Referral Services Inc is a dedicated home-care referral agency serving California seniors for over 10 years. Our registry of qualified and skilled home-care aides is able to service the Northern California Region particularly in the Bay Area.

ADG Referral Services Inc has been serving the aging population community in the city of Lafayette and surrounding areas.

Our clients in Lafayette are extremely pleased with the quality of care and efficient response they have been receiving from our senior care specialists and professional home-care providers. Our primary goal is to build trust and lasting relationship with every client, always with their safety and comfort in mind. Our referred professional and skilled home-care providers are pre-screened and met all requirements prior to placement.

We take pride in making sure every client is happy with our unbeatable quality service. As we focus to give every detail, our clients receive personal attention. Our daily experience with every client gives us a deep understanding of our service for the senior community with a feeling of instant gratification with long term satisfaction. In turn, each satisfied client has gone out of their way to recommend us to others. We believe our success is measured by the number of satisfied clients we keep. Gaining new clients through word of mouth from satisfied and happy clients is just an icing on the cake!

At ADG Referral Services Inc, we aim to provide highest quality care referral service and offer valuable senior information and resources as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our clients and their loved ones. Our mission is to extend quality and affordable home care for seniors in Lafayette with the utmost respect, dedication, and compassion, promoting a better quality of life and longevity.

To experience our quality service for yourself, Call ADG Referral Services at 925.472.6845 or fill out our assessment form on the top right of this page.