Daily Activities for Seniors

Research has shown that activities play a large part in preventing the progression of dementia. Here are some suggestions for caregivers who have a dementia clients.

Puzzles and Games– Easy crosswords, word search, Jigsaw puzzles; try sceneries or pictures of animals with large pieces.

Photo & Scrapbooking Activities-Pasting photos onto pages and writing notes about the memory beside the photo.

Housework & Gardening– Pull weeds, transplant small plants to bigger pots.

Non-traditional Therapies for Alzheimer’s Clients

No therapy of any kind has been found to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s. But it’s possible to slow its course or simply improve the quality of life for someone battling the disease.

Pet Therapy– that doesn’t involve direct contact found that help a good appetite and showed less aggression. Try setting up an bird feeders outside a favorite window view .

Listening to familiar music is both enjoyable and comforting. It can relieve stress, anxiety and improve mood.  Playing music during meals may improve appetite, and calmer music played before bedtime.

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