Daily Exercise for Caregivers

1) Start the day with stretching:

Caregivers can start with a side stretch, take the left arm, lift it to the side into the air slowly, then tilt the body to the right and reach the extended arm over the head. The stretch should be felt in the arm and side, repeat. Leg lift, sit in a chair or on the edge of the bed. Lift leg slowly until it is almost straight, hold for three seconds, and then slowly lower the leg, repeat.

2) During the day, make time for stress relief:

While loading the dishwasher, do a few deep squats while taking three cleansing breaths. Walk around the perimeter of the yard if at all possible, or walk up and down the house stairs.

3) Evening movement helps with rest:

Lie with the back on the floor or bed with the legs going up a wall. Take deep breaths and relax the back and shoulders.

Exercise can be very healthy way to release the tension felt in caring for someone. The caregiver must take time to care for themselves in order to be effective in caring for others.

-Clarissa Winchester, Yahoo! Contributor Network

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