Hope for the Aging

It is frustrating at times not to be able to do the things we once did or had been accustomed to doing on our own for many years. It’s even more frustrating for seniors with all the changes already taking place within, and not fully embracing the natural and inevitable reality of aging.

Seniors who can no longer be left alone safely in the comfort of their own home typically resist on getting the help they need. An aging parent may start to do something that is routine for most people just to realize that it is impossible. It’s like a thorn in the flesh or a reminder of aging. Even though an aging parent may want to do something and intend to, it would not happen.

Aging is not a very different state from many people who face physical limitations because of birth defects, accidents, or disease. Many people do sink into deep depression. Most people learn to avoid what they can’t do but it is fairly difficult and quite impossible for seniors to avoid or limit their physical and basic needs such as meal preparation, personal care or hygiene, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and all other activities of daily living. What we don’t want our aging loved one to do is spend their time bemoaning their current state, yearning for life the way it used to be, and trying to manipulate everything they can to get back to that state again. Their youth is not going to return and they know that even if they still secretly long for the way it used to be.

Offer unconditional support and strength. It is our job as a family member or a loved one to be able to help them understand to accept the reality of aging, embrace the inevitable changes, and extend all the help they need. Encourage them that professional support is also an option and always available for seniors with family members that are not physically able to attend to all their needs due to location, job, and other family commitments.

In-home care service referral agency such as ADG Referral Services, Inc. offers immediate relief and options when home care service becomes necessary. Such established and knowledgeable agency can work with families in all areas of care within their budget limit from caregiver placement to free senior classes, events, professional service referral, support groups, and no-cost retirement home placement should it become necessary.

Help our seniors focus their eyes upward and not the way they once were and become miserable. We can’t drive forward if our eyes are focused on the rearview mirror. They need all the support now! Do not wait for tomorrow as it might be too late. Aside from extending help, we must also offer hope. Hope is a positive approach to what is now and what the future holds. It’s a way of saying, “Yes, life isn’t perfect, and aging isn’t where I want to be, but the best is yet to be!”


-Ava De Guzman, President and Founder of ADG Referral Services, Inc., in partnership with Senior Services and Beyond

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