How Seniors Can Save Money

There are many tips and tricks on how seniors can save money. One of the most common ways is to cut back on your energy bill. Did you know that 60% to 80% of energy is used when an appliance in idle? By unplugging televisions, computers, and stereos when you aren’t using them, you can save money. Even though you may not be using your phone charger, if it is still plugged into the wall then it is still using up electricity. During the summer, keep your blinds and curtains shut to keep the cool in. And during the winter, make sure the cold isn’t coming in from under the doors and windows.

Even though replacing appliances may be expensive as of now, it can save you money in the long run. For example, if your refrigerator is older than 1993, you may be spending more than quadruple the amount of what you would be spending if you switched to a newer refrigerator. And by switching from a top loading washing machine to a front loading one, you could be using 50% less energy. You can also cut back on electricity by using cold water to wash all of your clothes and by using the dryer back to back to conserve heat. Switching to light bulbs with less wattage will also save you a bit of money. Installing dimmers so that you can control the brightness is also a good idea. You can install a timer or motion sensor on your outside lights to conserve energy. But turning off any lights that aren’t needed will save you the most money.

Seniors can also save on their prescription medication by using the generic form instead of the brand name version. Generics work just as well and are much cheaper. There is no harm or added side effects in using generics. When buying over the counter pills, buy the store brand instead. And if you will be taking the medication for a long time, try to buy in larger quantities as it may be cheaper.

Before shopping, whether it’s for groceries or clothes make a list of the things you need. There is a difference between what you need and what you want, buy only what you need. Stick to your list so you don’t end up buying something spontaneously. Some items you need may be cheaper at different stores, so don’t buy everything in one store. You can look through the newspaper to find out where sales and deals are. The best time to buy clothes is during the end of the season or during holidays since there are more sales and deals going on.

You can also check if any of your favorite stores or restaurant offer discounts for seniors. Certain stores offer “Senior Citizen Discount Days” where you can save up to 15% off. Some restaurants also offer special deals on certain days of the week.

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