In-home Care versus Retirement Communities

When a family member starts to look for options to meet the unique and individual care needs of an aging parent or loved one, it is important and sometimes difficult to ask the question of whether it is time to consider professional home care. Once the possibilities of considering professional care has been openly discussed within the family, the next step is to determine which type of professional care is advisable and to narrow down the possibilities between in-home care service and retirement community. It is essential to know there are several options available to choose from that offer different types of home-settings and services for seniors.

The predominant benefits derived from in-home care are familiarity and independence. The ability to maintain independence in their own home gives a sense of freedom and choice. Staying in familiar surrounding can be very helpful mentally and emotionally for seniors with progressive illness and changes within.

1) An in-home care service provider such as ADG Referral Services Inc helps seniors maintain their independence while getting the care they need at the safety and comfort of their own home, thus, family members can rest assured their aging loved ones are in good hands. An in-home care service provider offers personal care assistance in activities of daily living such as bathroom activities, medication reminder, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, prescription pick-up, exercise routine support, and companionship. Safely aging in place, in the comfort of familiar surroundings, is generally the preferred choice.

On the other hand, retirement communities can provide a social environment that can have a positive result on seniors. Some retirement homes differ in what they offer when it comes to accommodation, services, activities and care assistance. It is important to know the three determining factors when choosing a retirement home to fit the needs and lifestyle:

1) Independent Living: A type of housing arrangement designed exclusively for seniors, generally those aged 55 and over. Housing varies widely, from apartment-style living to freestanding homes. In general, the housing is friendlier to older adults, often being more compact, with easier navigation and assistance in yard maintenance if there is a yard. Just as with regular housing, you can hire in-home help or an outside home-care provider such as ADG Referral Services Inc for home care service assistance. Monthly rate is usually less expensive and more affordable compared to Assisted Living.

2) Assisted Living: If an aging loved one requires around-the-clock help with eating, dressing, and using the toilet, or requires regular medical assistance within the facility without having to hire an outside help or home-care provider, other housing options such as assisted living or nursing homes may be a better fit. Assisted living communities are designed to provide residents with assistance with basic ADLs (activities of daily living) such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and more. Assisted living communities differ from nursing homes in that they don’t offer complex medical services. Monthly rate is usually higher than any retirement communities due to the care service included within the rate and all other optional extras such as dispensing of medications by nursing staff that is frequently charged to residents.

3) Resident Care-home: In some areas they are called adult family homes, in other areas they may be referred to as personal care homes, adult foster homes, group homes, or board and care homes. Typically they all have the same things in common. They provide care for seniors in a home-like setting that’s very much like a family. This type of setting is excellent for residents who do not want to live in a larger community setting but still require a level of assistance similar to that offered by an assisted living facility or a nursing home. The staff in a residential care home may assist with medications, help residents bathe, get dressed and perform many other daily tasks or activities of daily living. This is typically the least expensive among the three retirement communities. In most cases, the rate includes room and board, care service, food, activities, and transportation arrangement.

Should you decide that a retirement community is the best option, ADG Referral Services Inc can provide the information needed to make the best choice and provides free placement. However, if in-home care service is the best solution to the current needs of your aging loved ones, ADG Referral Services Inc. eases the family’s responsibilities by providing quality in-home care services that help their aging loved ones live a better quality of life at the comfort and safety of their own home.


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