Low cost Summer Field Trips for Seniors in the East Bay

Enjoy a Picnic in a local park
Just eating lunch outside can be a fun experience- choose a park with a playground if you enjoy watching kids frolic. Concord: Todos Santos Plaza has Farmer’s Markets on Tuesdays and free music on Thursdays during the day.

Tour a local gallery (love art and crave great air conditioning?)
Walnut Creek offers the Bedford Gallery in the Dean Lesher Center for the arts, which has changing exhibits for a nominal admission fee. www.bedfordgallery.org (925)295-1417

Take a senior tour with your local Recreation Department
Register early with your local Recreation department for guided tours to San Francisco, Theater or events. No hassle over parking is priceless!

Lindsey Wildlife Museum, Pleasant Hill
This is ideal to observe wildlife up close and personal— The Lindsay Museum also supports an animal rescue facility for injured or abused wild life. Try to plan your visit for the feeding times of the animals for extra excitement.
www.wildlife-museum.org (925)935-1978

Enjoy the redesigned Oakland Museum
They have redone all their exhibits, if you haven’t been in a year- it will seem completely new.
www.museumca.org (510)238-2200

Blackhawk Auto Museum, Danville
For the Car Lover in the family- this collection spans several decades, and can be enjoyed by all.
www.blackhawkmuseum.org (925)736-2277

Enjoy watching sailboats on Lake Merritt, Oakland
There is a small fee for parking, but it is so nice to just sit on a bench and watch the sailboats around the lake from the sailing/boat club area —and it’s another great spot for a picnic lunch.

Enjoy the new Walnut Creek Library, and its’ significant art collection
With its grand opening in the last year, everything is still so clean and new—and the amazing art collection included for free! www.wclibrary.org (925)938-1481

If you would like a guided tour of the art inside the library, docents from the Bedford Gallery are conducting tours the second Saturday of the month and the third Thursday of the month for $5 each- by reservation only. This tour also includes a free pass to the Bedford Gallery. Contact www.bedfordgallery.org for more information and to make reservations call (925)295-1417.

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