New Guide to Healthy Eating

Add Vegetables and Fruits to Your Every Meal!

It’s important for seniors and everyone to get good nutrition. To eat well to live longer and stronger. Since it’s summer, you can fill your plates with a lot of different colored fruits and vegetables!
Good fruits and veggies can lower your risk of getting heart disease and lower your blood pressure. Also lowers your risk of eye and digestive problems.
Apricots and avocados are really popular right now, blackberries and blueberries, asparagus and cucumbers are great as well, mix up a bunch of different fruits and vegetables and make a salad!
Eating a selection of brightly colored fruit, leafy veggies, and fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids to improve focus and decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Good food MATTERS.

 Harvard’s New Guide to Healthy Eating



Read why vegetables and fruits fill half of the Healthy Eating Plate!

Source: Harvard School of Public Health; Researched by Janna Huyn

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