Shopping Tips for Seniors

Tips to make shopping at Costco Easier:
1. Right at the entrance- ask the greeter for a “Personal Shopper” and they will happily provide someone who can lift those heavier items into the cart for you, and help you find the items in the store.

2. Use the restroom first. If you think you might need one- the only public restroom is located at the front end of the store, usually at the far corner. I asked a Costco representative if there was another restroom available, and she said no, not for guests. When I pushed and said what if there were an emergency, she said there was one at the back, but it was only used by their truck drivers, not necessarily handicap accessible and not for customers.

3. Timing can make or break the experience. They advised to avoid the crowds, don’t shop Thursday- Sunday. They also said to come early in the day- at opening time is often best. There’s a little crowd at the door, but once you are in, it isn’t yet crowded, and it will be easier to move around in the store.

4. Ask for help out to the car- if you somehow managed that big item into your cart, but are dismayed with how to get it into your car—as you exit the store, tell one of the receipt checkers you would like help to load your car, and they can help flag down one of the cart retrievers to help you, or they tell you where to wait for someone who can assist you.

5. The electric shopping carts cannot be reserved, but our local Concord Costco has six electric carts with small baskets for shopping in the front of the store, parked just inside the entrance available on a first come, first serve basis.

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