Thanksgiving Tips for Seniors – Plan Ahead

Here are some ideas for meal planning this Thanksgiving to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the holiday festivities.

Enlist help. Include the younger members of your family in the food preparation and in setting and clearing the table, not to mention the dishwashing after the meal.

Begin early. You can start gathering everything you need for Thanksgiving Day ahead of time. Watch for special sales weeks before Thanksgiving day on the items you know you are going to need.

Cook ahead and freeze. Casseroles, pies, and some side dishes are wonderful candidates for freezing. Let guest heat their individual delicious pies after dinner when they’re ready to enjoy them. Or, purchase the pies or side dishes at your local bakery the day before. They taste just as fresh and delicious as home-made and you conserve your time and energy.

Plan for cleanup. Whether you are going to do the major part of the cleanup yourself, or you elicit family and friends, cleaning as you go while preparing the meal will help cut down the major cleanup after dinner.

As seniors blossom in age, they do not have the energy or stamina to prepare a large meal and serve guest as they did when they were younger. Preparing ahead of time can help them enjoy the company of their loved ones.

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